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Make Products Attractive with Custom Mylar Bags

Our mylar bags provide versatile and durable protection for your delicate products.

If you desire a custom mylar bag solution then you don’t need to worry. Noah Packaging provides you with a complete range of custom packaging in various sizes, styles, and shapes. Give your customers unique product experiences through eco-friendly and elegant packaging options.

We also provide you with unlimited customization options with free design support. Get in touch with us for your unique design query and let us help you attain success. Moreover, get a free custom quote and free shipping on all your orders in the USA.

Types of Mylar Bags

Mylar shape bags are available in all sorts of styles, sizes, and shapes. Businesses need custom mylar bag packaging solutions according to their individualized needs. Some great options include

Kraft Style: These are made from eco-friendly kraft material which is made from pure wooden pulp. They guarantee original food product aroma and are food friendly.

Cannabis Style: Ideal for storing your precious cannabis products. They are designed to be operated by adults and have instructions for proper usage.  

Die Cut Style: Bags can be crafted into various styles and shapes as the business needs.

Window Style: These have diverse window cut options with PVC for providing a sneak peek to customers.

Resealable Style: Bags that can be easily resealed through the top flag for long-term storage needs.

Benefits of Mylar Bags Packaging

Do you need a versatile packaging solution for your brand? Mylar bags provide an excellent balance of durability and elegance for shipping a wide range of small products. Our sturdy packaging provides excellent resistance to all kinds of natural elements like moisture, heat, and sunlight.

This packaging is known for its excellent resistance to tears or punctures during shipping. On top of that, they are excellent space-saving for transport needs. Furthermore, they are easy to organize and provide excellent display on the retail store shelves.

Endless Packaging Customization Variety

Here at Noah Packaging, we provide you with packaging customization options according to your special needs. Food brands need special packaging for their delicate products which provides customer engagement.

We provide you with some of the best affordable printing, elegant finishing, and add-ons for your mylar style packaging. Businesses need to catch the attention of potential customers on the retail shelf so providing a beautiful packaging presentation is crucial. 

Affordable Printing Options

You custom printed mylar bags for your products. Some of our great printing options include:

  • Digital Printing
  • Offset Printing
  • CMYK color printing
  • PMS color printing

Elegant Finishing and Addons

Brands need to provide differentiation so we provide you with custom finishing and addons. Some of our great options are

  • Foiling (Gold or Silver)
  • Embossing or Debossing
  • Soft touch lamination
  • Matte or glossy lamination
  • Product windows
  • Custom logo or messages
  • Ribbons or handles

Versatile Packaging Solution

Food brands need packaging that can accommodate various kinds of products. Here at Noah Packaging we provide you with packaging for all your retail or online business needs. Moreover, this helps you to provide valuable product labels, ingredient information, allergens, and fragility information.

Brands need aesthetically appealing packaging that provides durable protection but is also practical for everyday use. This packaging allows you to save storage space, and retain product aroma and shape while increasing product shelf life as well.

Positive Unboxing Experiences

Customers expect brands to provide them with tailored experiences that provide delight. You can make this happen by using uniquely designed mylar shape bags. Above all, get your packaging customized with free design support with free 3D mockup samples as well.

Space Saving Advantage

Our product’s packaging has the unique advantage of saving your valuable space in stock and retail areas. These are flexible packaging so they can adjust more product items during shipping. Furthermore, they also save you precious retail shelf space and are easily organized.

Eco-Friendly Packaging Promotes Responsible Packaging

Businesses need efficient yet practical packaging solutions. Noah Packaging provides you with sustainable packaging solutions. We craft your boxes using state-of-the-art technology using durable materials. These ensure sustainable packaging practices with affordable pricing.

 By choosing sustainable packaging options, you display responsibility towards caring for the environment. As a result, customers look towards your brand with utmost respect and appeal. This helps your brand’s product to stand out against competitors.

Some of our best sustainable packaging options include

  • Kraft paper
  • Recycled cardboard
  • Corrugated cardboard

Provide Durable Protection

Noah Packaging provides you with packaging for the durable rejection of your delicate food products. This packaging is tear and puncture-proof with excellent nature resistance properties. You can also easily reseal your products for long-term storage while ensuring their integrity.

Why Choose Our Mylar Bags?

Here at Noah Packaging, we value quality craftsmanship at all levels. Our experienced design team is ready to handle all your unique demands. We also provide you with a free custom order quote along with fast order turnaround time.

With our state-of-the-art printing technology, we can handle small and large order packaging demands and deliver results on time. We provide you with competitive pricing for custom mylar bags wholesale.

Our packaging box designs are guaranteed to handle all kinds of storage and shipping needs. They guarantee products retain their original condition and remain safe for long periods.

It's time to step up your packaging game that show your premium brand image and expertise. We don’t charge you anything extra for die plate charges and also provide you with free shipping all across the USA. Contact us now to get premium-quality packaging without breaking the bank.


Mylar bags provide versatile storage protection for small delicate products and enhance product shelf life for a long time.

You should not store high fat items such as nuts, legumes and meat in mylar packaging.

Food products in mylar bags can last from 1 to 30 years.