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Create a Great First Impression with Our Boxes

Looking for a way to showcase your products in style, our display boxes are the way to go. They are not just boxes! They speak volumes about your brand’s style and personality. Our boxes help your products get the attention they deserve. Elevate your brand and create a lasting impression with our unique display packaging.

How Custom Display Boxes Can Help Your Business?

An attractive and eye-catching presentation draws customers' attention in no time. Noah Packaging offers a powerful solution with custom made display boxes to create such a presentation. The following reasons make them perfect for your products and business:

  • Enhanced Visual Appeal

A custom display box is visually appealing, grabbing the attention of potential customers. With its vibrant color, unique shape, and captivating graphics, such a box stands out on store shelves. Thus, it entices customers to explore the product inside.

  • Brand Recognition

Custom printed display boxes provide an amazing opportunity to showcase your brand. By incorporating your logo, tagline, and brand colors, these boxes help establish brand recognition. 

Also, they create a lasting impression on customers’ minds. This not only enhances brand loyalty but also encourages repeat purchases.

  • Informative and Engaging

Display Packaging offers ample space to provide essential product information, such as features, benefits, and usage instructions. By effectively communicating this information, cardboard display packaging boxes engage customers.

Thus, they help customers make informed buying decisions. Additionally, you can add information regarding sales and other discount deals.

  • Protection and Durability

They not only enhance the visual appeal but also protect the product inside. Moreover, they can withstand transportation and handling easily. It ensures that the product reaches customers in the best possible condition.

This encourages confidence in customers, as they know they are purchasing a well-protected and high-quality product.

  • Versatility and Customization

Display packaging boxes offer endless possibilities for customization. You can customize them to fit various product sizes and shapes. It allows for a professional look and excellent presentation.

Additionally, you can customize them with unique finishes, embossing, or special effects. This further enhances their visual appeal and makes them stand out from competitors.

Enhance Your Brand Identity with Custom Display Boxes

Customization is a smart approach to enhance your brand identity in a crowded market. First of all, a display box custom allows you to add your brand’s logo, tagline, mission, story, and values. This way, you can strengthen your brand’s identity in the competitive market. 

Secondly, you can choose any size, material, color, style, design, and shape. When you pack your supplies in the perfect-sized packaging, it lessens the chances of damage during transit.

Hence, it increases customers’ trust in your services as they get their products in the best possible conditions. Thirdly, customizing countertop display boxes distinguishes your brand from the sea of rivals. Thus, it helps you to create your unique identity in the market.

Fourthly, you can add transparency to your brand by adding windows and other necessary information. This makes your products more appealing to customers and increases repurchases.

What Are the Material Options for Your Display Boxes?

The quality of packaging material matters the most in determining customers’ trust. Therefore, we use premium quality packaging material for display packaging boxes. We use the following high-quality materials for your display boxes:

  • Cardboard
  • Kraft
  • Rigid
  • Corrugated

All these materials are highly sturdy, durable, and reliable. Thus, they protect the inside products from the effects of the external environment, such as moisture, light, and pressure.

Draw Customers in with Eye-Catching Printing

Printing attracts customers' attention in a matter of seconds. Therefore, we use the following latest printing tools and techniques for your display box printing:

  • Offset Printing
  • Digital Printing

Both of these printing methods produce high-quality images on product display boxes. Furthermore, we employ vibrant and captivating colors to enhance the appeal and attractiveness of your boxes. Moreover, you have the flexibility to select a single color or a combination of colors, including CMYK, CMYK + 1 PMS, or CMYK + 2 PMS. These color options are exceptional and breathe life into your brand.

What Makes Noah Packaging a Great Option for You?

We, Noah Packaging, are an affordable packaging solution for businesses of all sizes in the USA. We honor you and help you achieve your goals with our premium packaging. 

Our expert team of designers helps you throughout the customization process. So you can choose the packaging that best aligns with your brand personality, style, and theme. We are one of the most reliable packaging companies in the USA for the following reasons:

  • No die or plate charges
  • No hidden or extra charges
  • 100% free shipping
  • Fast turnaround time

Want to Save More?

Do you want to save a handsome amount? We are here to help you with our wholesale offers. We offer you discounts on custom display boxes wholesale. When you buy in bulk, it not only reduces the cost per unit but also saves time and effort.

Besides, it ensures the consistency of your brand and the continuity of your business due to the enormous supply of boxes. So place your order now to get packaging that boosts your brand!


Display Boxes can be crafted from diverse materials to meet the specific requirements of the product being showcased. These materials may include lightweight yet sturdy cardboard for eco-friendly options and metal for a premium and long-lasting look.

Display Boxes can be customized by adjusting the size, shape, color, and design and adding branding, logos, or messaging. By offering affordable and custom options, Custom Display Boxes provide businesses with a cost-effective solution to enhance their product's visual appeal, also protecting shipping and handling.

Our MOQ is 100 boxes, so you can check our packaging before placing a bulk order.

Measure the inside dimensions: length (longest side), width (shortest side), and height (top to bottom) of the box when opened.

No, a blurry proof does not mean the final print will be blurry. It's often just a low-resolution file for review purposes.

It takes us 10-12 business days to produce custom printed display packaging.