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Robust Exterior with an Elegant Interior of Rigid Boxes 

Packaging is the first thing that your customers will notice about your product which is why it should be attractive. Noah Packaging offers rigid boxes that are designed with smooth and striking insertions to make the box feel silky from the inside. These may be foam or cardboard inserts depending on the product's needs. To make the box look appealing from the outside, we employ the latest printing and coating techniques. Our offset and digital printings with soy-based inks have no match. These features make the rigid box packaging so appealing that your customers will love them even from a distance. 

Protect your Valuable Products 

Rigid boxes are four times thicker than regular cardboard material and this feature makes them the most trustworthy packaging material to protect your valuable products. Our custom rigid box packaging is damage and tear-resistant and provides your goods maximum protection. Our rigid cardboard boxes provide an unforgettable unboxing experience because they are built with high-grade structural integrity. 

Different Styles of Rigid Boxes Available at Noah Packaging

We have provided a brief description of the different styles of rigid packaging boxes below. You can select one as per your product's requirements. 

  • Magnetic Closure Rigid Boxes 

Our magnetic closure rigid boxes have two magnets. This type of rigid packaging box provides an enticing unboxing feel. These boxes are popular in the apparel and gift accessories market. Magnetic closure boxes provide a luxurious unboxing experience and these types of boxes are usually used for high-end products. These boxes are also a fit choice to present a gift.  We customize Rigid Gift Boxes using our unique customization features like debossing/embossing, foiling, finishings, and ribbons. 

  • Tube Packaging 

We provide custom rigid boxes that are cylindrical in shape. It is a clever packaging design and has applications in many industries. Our printing technologies like gloss, UV, and matte make these boxes look astonishing. We employ bold and interesting typography so that your buyers can recognize your brand’s packaging even from a distance.   

  • Drawer Style Rigid Boxes 

Noah Packaging provides superior quality drawer rigid boxes that are like matchboxes in shape. The unboxing experience of our drawer-style rigid packaging box is very smooth and loveable. You can get these boxes customized with any theme, style, and design according to your branding needs.

Rigid Wholesale Boxes to Save on Bulk Orders 

Noah Packaging offers rigid wholesale boxes for our beloved and loyal customers. We know you want to get superior-quality packaging for your products while staying within your budget. 

That is why we offer you extra discounts on your bulk orders. Buying in bulk from us not only saves your money but also saves your time. We never compromise on quality while providing you discounts on bulk orders. The quality of our packaging will remain the same whether you buy in small or large quantities from us. Amazing, right? So, buy rigid boxes from Noah Packaging right now and we promise you that you will not regret your decision. 

What Sets Us Apart from Others

Noah Packaging is one of the leading manufacturers of rigid boxes in the USA market. We have come this far because of our dedication to providing our customers with the best possible packaging solutions. Our customer support services are unbeatable because we are always here to solve your queries and concerns. You can contact us anytime our team will instantly respond to solve your problems. We provide our customers with samples even before buying so that you can get satisfaction with our quality work process. You can avail of free shipping services for custom rigid boxes all over the USA. What else do you want?  Buy rigid boxes from Noah Packaging right now and we promise you that you will not regret your decision.

Paperboard, corrugated board, foam core, and plastic sheeting are a few examples of materials that are employed to make rigid boxes at Noah Packaging.

You can customize rigid packaging box as per your desire with Noah Packaging. Our excellent customization features include die-cut windows, PVC windows, embossing/debossing, foilings, laminations, and coatings.

The MOQ (minimum order quantity) for custom rigid box packaging with Noah Packaging depends on your business preferences and needs.