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Innovative Gable Boxes for Standout Presentations

Are you looking for a packaging solution that is both handy and stylish? Our gable boxes are the answer. They serve the purpose of both boxes and bags. What makes them special is their built-in handle. It makes them highly convenient to carry around.

Whether you need to pack gifts, food, or other products, this packaging is perfect. They not only look great but are also highly practical and convenient. On top of that, their unique design helps your products stand out on shelves. 

Why Choose Printed Gable Boxes for Your Products?

There is no better option than gable box packaging for unique style and practicality. They can be customized easily and used for various product packaging. No matter the purpose, we offer full customization options for this packaging.

  • Unique Look and Feel

Our packaging is not just durable! It also looks great. This packaging boosts a distinctive appearance that sets your product apart. It creates an engaging experience with their unique elegance and functionality. Plus, this packaging makes your brand unforgettable with their appealing design.

  • Highly Customizable

The flexibility of our packaging lies in their vast customization options. You can customize every aspect of it whether size, color, or print, to fit your brand’s identity. This adaptability allows you to match your packaging with your brand’s unique identity.

  • Solid Protection

Our packaging offers sturdy housing for your products. Their construction protects products from damage during transit. Their protective feature ensures your products reach their destination in the best condition.

  • Versatility

Our gable boxes are renowned for their multipurpose use. They are suitable for various products from food to gifts.

Explore Our Custom Gable Boxes Wholesale

At Noah Packaging, we offer a wide variety of custom packaging. Instead of a simple design, you can choose different styles and designs from our range of templates to fulfill the needs of different businesses.

  • White Gable Boxes

This packaging is perfect for showcasing your products with elegance. Their clean, crisp appearance offers ample space for branding. Thus, making them ideal for any occasion and theme. 

They are ideal for your brand if you want a minimalist look. This packaging can be customized with logos and designs to create a striking impact while maintaining a sophisticated look.

  • Window Gable Boxes

Our window gable boxes add a touch of transparency to your packaging. The clear window allows customers to look inside without opening the package. This feature enhances the product’ appeal by showcasing its content.

  • Christmas Gable Boxes

This packaging is designed to spread festive cheer with its holiday-themed colors and decorations. It offers a joyous and appealing packaging solution and is perfect for seasonal gifts.

Why Choose Noah Packaging?

Choosing Noah Packaging means choosing quality and creativity in your packaging. We stand out in the market with our diverse range of printed packaging. Our designs go beyond the ordinary, offering unique styles and templates.

We have everything for you whether you need something elegant or want to catch the eye. We also understand that your packaging is your brand’s extension. Our commitment doesn’t stop at variety. We focus on using durable and high-quality materials that protect your products.

Choosing us means choosing a partner who values your product’s safety. We also offer eco-friendly packaging solutions to help you showcase your commitment to a green environment.

Furthermore, we offer amazing add-ons to make your product’s packaging look awesome. This helps you attract a wider audience with eye-catching add-ons.

Lastly, we have an active support chat team to make your experience smooth with us. All these features make us a reputed packaging supplier and manufacturer in the industry.

Save Big with Us!

Get our wholesale gable boxes to save big. Just share your packaging requirements today. We will get back to you with a custom quote that suits your needs. Call us today or email us!


Gable-style boxes come in different sizes and styles. Noah Packaging offers gable packaging boxes in three different styles that are die-cut gable boxes, gable boxes with inserts and foldable gable boxes.

We employ different eco-friendly materials to make gable packaging boxes. These materials include kraft, cardboard or rigid.

Yes! We manufacture them with eco-friendly materials such as Kraft and Cardboard.

These are moderately durable and suitable for carrying lightweight to medium-weight items. However, their capacity and strength vary depending on the material thickness and design.

Yes! We offer our customers discounts on custom gable boxes wholesale.