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Durable, Eco-friendly & Customizable Kraft Boxes 

Noah Packaging offers customizable packaging that is highly eco-friendly and biodegradable. Kraft material minimizes your packaging’s carbon footprint and causes no harm to the environment. They also possess great tensile strength and keep your products safe from all kinds of moisture and sunlight.

Factors such as the sustainability, sturdiness, and strength of these materials make them a perfect choice to pack your items. Our custom kraft boxes are highly adaptable and can fit a variety of products. You can use kraft boxes to add a rustic and natural appeal to your items.

Utilizing our special customization features; you can turn these boxes into extraordinary packaging. They can help you engage and attract your customers in no time.

Order today to avail yourself of unlimited customization benefits!

Unique Styles for Eco-friendly Kraft Boxes 

To stand out among your competitors, you need to add a flair of innovation to your packaging. This is why, at Noah Packaging, we offer you countless styles to customize either large or small kraft boxes. 

Some of the popular styles of kraft packaging boxes that can make a lasting impression on your customers include:

  • Counter-Top Box Style

This packaging is mostly displayed on the retail corners at the point of sale. The point of sale is the corner where customers can easily engage with the products and get a good look at the item at first glance. They have inserts that can hold your products and put them straight to display. 

The packaging style takes up very little space on the retail shelves as is easily accessible. 

  • Food Grade Kraft Box Packaging 

If you are in the food business, food-grade packaging made up of kraft material is a must-have for you. They keep your food safe from all kinds of external components including oxygen, moisture, and humidity. This way, the food packed in them never goes stale, and even the taste is retained. 

  • Mailer Kraft Packaging 

Mailer is a premium packaging style that offers the utmost security to your products. They are mostly used for shipping purposes. Your international deliveries can also stay safe in this box style. Mailer kraft packaging consists of flaps on the lid that are closed inward. This lessens the possibility that your product gets spilled outside of the package. 

Kraft Boxes that Offer Strength to Your Packaging 

Any packaging box that is made of poor quality will form a negative perception in your customer’s mind. We don’t want that for you. Therefore, we offer you kraft box packaging that is made up of strong material. Kraft material is also high in thickness, which suggests that it can offer great support to heavy-weight items during shipping and transit. 

Kraft boxes with dividers are a great packaging style that keeps your products in one place during shipping. These dividers can be made of various materials of your choice. Dividers are placed inside the package. They can be made in the form of small compartments or large inserts, depending on your product’s needs. 

Noah Packaging is Your Go-To Packaging Supplier!

Noah Packaging has been offering custom packaging services in the US for quite some time. We offer you free design support and free-of-cost 3D Mockups of your packaging design. Rely on us to get amazing discounts and free shipping all over the USA!

Grab Kraft Boxes Wholesale Today! 

To get started, reach out right away with your packaging requirements, and our team will get back to you shortly with a custom quote free of charge. You can also check our 3D mockups to decide if we are a good provider for you.


Yes, kraft packaging boxes are available in different sizes. From large boxes to small ones, you can choose boxes according to your needs.

Typically, kraft boxes are made of kraft paper, which is a durable and eco-friendly material.

Yes, kraft boxes can be easily customized with designs, logos, and any other branding elements.

Kraft box is made from kraft paper, which makes it highly durable and environmentally friendly.

Yes, we can customize your kraft boxes as per your product specifications. We can customize the material, size, style, design, and shape of your cardboard boxes according to your product needs.