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Tray and Sleeve Boxes Add Value to Your Products

You all need appealing packaging to stand out in the retail industry. The competition is increasing, and businesses are looking for a powerful way to build a brand. Our premium tray and sleeve box add value to your brand. They are highly eye-catching and capture the audience’s attention. These mind-boggling packaging boxes and Hang Tags help you connect with the audience.

The appealing packaging helps to sell better products. Moreover, they are economical but help to increase the customer base. These quality containers have different uses and are best for your business needs. These beautiful boxes are suitable for those who want to enjoy a high reputation in the market.

Advantages of Using Tray and Sleeve Box

  • As a retailer and wholesaler, you must know the advantages of tray and sleeve box.
  • You can use a tray and sleeve box to pack products like candles, macrons, and cookies.
  • Our tray and sleeve packaging is affordable and helps to build brand identity.
  • The sleek look of the sleeve and tray box gives a sophisticated look to the buyers.
  • These packaging boxes have superior quality and provide a more sustainable shelf impact.
  • These containers are simple to use and save the audience from hassle.
  • The flip-flop packaging style helps to impress your buyers.
  • They are glamorous and have the power to enhance your business.
  • They are best and make the audience confident for purchase.

Material Used for Sleeve and Tray Box

Some products are fragile and can damage with a slight jerk. Noah Packaging uses durable material to manufacture tray and sleeve box.

Let’s have a look at the fantastic stock material choices;

  • Rigid
  • Cardstock
  • Cardboard
  • Corrugated

Our tray and sleeve boxes and Custom Labels protect your products from getting damaged. In addition, the double-wall tray keeps your items, such as macarons and cakes, organized. In other words, your product will remain intact until they reach its destination. They are a lightweight but eco-friendly option and keep the planet safe from further damage.

Give Incredible Experience to Buyers Using Customization

The main concern of businesses is to give an unforgettable experience to buyers through elegant tray and sleeve box. Noah Packaging offers several customization possibilities to make your tray and sleeve packaging attention-grabbing.

  • Debossing & Embossing
  • Matte & Gloss Finishing
  • Silver & Gold Foil
  • Hot Stamping

The customization technique makes the sleeve and tray box attractive to the audience. The unique tray and sleeve packaging distinguish your brand from the crowd. The artistic outlook of products helps to change the perception of your retail brand. Different packaging colors and patterns help to enthrall customers.

  • Labels & Stickers

After that, you can utilize different labels and stickers on sleeve and tray box to make your brand remembered for a long time.

Why Noah Packaging?

Noah Packaging Offers the perfect packaging solution to take your retail business to a new level. We are also a well-reputed printed company in the United States. One of the best things is that we also offer a quick turnaround time. Customer satisfaction is our company’s priority, and we have only quality tray and sleeve box. Our professionals use the best effective marketing strategies to increase your business.

  • Eye-catchy Printing

We use the best printing methods like offset, digital, and screen to enhance your product's prominence on retail shelves.

  • Free USA-based Shipping

The best thing is that we offer free and fast USA-based shipment.

Where Can I Find High-quality Tray and Sleeve Packaging?  

To get a budget-friendly tray and sleeve box, send an email our team is always active in responding to you. Moreover, We also offer reliable customer support service, so feel free to call us.