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Mylar Bags
  • Handed Zipper Opening
  • Certified Child-Resistant
  • Sustainable Options
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Kraft Boxes
  • Retail or Display Purposes
  • Ideal for Gift
  • 100% Recycled Board
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Paper Bags
  • Easy Carrying of a Bunch
  • Carry-out Bags
  • Flat Paper Bags
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Hang Tags
  • Variety of Cardstocks
  • Custom Sizes
  • Various Printing Options
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Pillow Boxes
  • Fast Turnaround
  • High Quality
  • Free Door Delivery
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Sports Boxes
  • Free Design Support
  • Competitive Price
  • Free Shipping
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Soap Boxes
  • Gloss Finish
  • Matte Finish
  • Embossing
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Candle Boxes
  • Reverse Tuck End
  • Straight Tuck End
  • Auto-lock bottom
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Cosmetic Boxes
  • Free Design Support
  • Competitive Price
  • Free Shipping
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After knowing your product's size, explore our library of box styles. If you're looking for something unique, our custom design service is also available to cater to your needs.

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Noah Packaging - Your Go-to Platform for Customized Boxes

Noah Packaging is the first name that comes to every retailer’s mind when they think about premium quality packaging for their products. We are a USA-based packaging manufacturer that has been in this business for many decades. We are a well-known and trustworthy platform that solves all of your packaging problems with the best possible solutions. You just dream about it, and we will bring your imagination into reality. The packaging design is your canvas, and Noah Packaging is the one who makes it possible. We provide an unforgettable unboxing experience and streamline your packaging workflow with our bespoke customization technology. 

Economical Packaging Solutions for Small Businesses to Global Brands

Whether you are a small business or a global company, we have economical custom packaging solutions for everyone. Our customized packaging is appealing and budget-friendly at the same time. Our hassle-free packaging solutions will make your brand rule the market. 

  • Fully Customizable Packaging

Whether you need a box in a traditional packaging design or the latest technology themes, we have got you covered. You can get the packaging boxes tailored to the specifications of your brand and product. We provide custom printed boxes designed with unique colors, styles, shapes, sizes, and your brand logo. The interior and exterior of our boxes are so aesthetically pleasing that your customers will fall in love with them. 

  • Premium-Quality with Affordability

Our high-quality packaging boxes wholesale are affordable, charismatic, and durable at the same time. You will never have to worry about custom made boxes' cost while buying from us. 

  • Detailed Packaging Guidance 

Noah Packaging is the only packaging manufacturer that provides guidance for your product’s packaging and recommends the best possible solutions that suit your brand’s vision. You can discuss your current and future business needs with us, and we will develop the finest packaging designs. 

  • Quality Assurance  

We have a team of professional packaging designers that are the best at what they do. Our quality control process is unmatched. The process of your packaging preparation works in harmony and produces high end packaging in every production run. 

  • Eco-Friendly Packaging Boxes 

We provide biodegradable, compostable, and sustainable packaging solutions for our environmentally conscious clients. Our manufacturing process is very efficient, which allows us to reduce the negative impact of packaging materials on our mother planet, Earth. 

Our Wide Range of Custom Printed Packaging 

Noah Packaging employs the best packaging materials to make you stand out from the rest. We provide sturdy, robust, and durable packaging that protects the inside of the product. The packaging materials we employ include eco-friendly Kraft, rigid cardboard, and cardstock. We strive to provide packaging for every industry. Be it food boxes, cosmetic boxes, apparel boxes, CBD boxes, jewelry boxes, mailer boxes, or any other type, we have got you covered. We have divided our wide range of custom packaging solutions into three main categories: 

1. Boxes by Industry
2. Boxes by Material 
3. Boxes by Styles

You can explore these categories at the top of our website's homepage. 

Bespoke Customization Features to Improve Your Brand’s Prosperity

We offer the best customizable features to make your product’s packaging attention-grabbing. To give a box a luxurious feel we use different finishing options. These finishing options for our custom boxes with logo include:  

  • Laminations  (Holographic, Gloss & Matt)
  • Foilings (Hot Foil Stamping, Gold or Silver)
  • Embossing/Debossing
  • PVC
  • Spot UV

You can also get our personalized packaging in different customizable sizes shapes and styles like window-cut, die-cut, kiss-cut, etc. 

What Makes Us The Best? 

Noah Packaging is one of the leading packaging supplies that aims to provide the highest quality custom packaging solutions at economical prices. Our packaging boxes wholesale are available at lower prices if you buy in bulk from us. We deliver your order within 8-10 business days. We also provide boxes on shorter notice because we are always here for you in your good and bad times.

In addition, you can get 3D mockups, flat views, and physical samples on request. We want you to be fully satisfied with our services before buying from us. Our customer support team is always available to solve your queries. Contact us anytime, and we will respond instantly. The perk of buying from us is that you get free shipping all over the USA. 

So, without any delay, get in touch right away to avail the best packaging services at affordable prices!


Packaging companies provide aesthetic and structurally robust packaging for your brand. These companies, such as Noah Packaging, help you elevate your brand’s reputation in the market and in the eyes of your customers through the best possible packaging for your product.

If you are looking for a packaging supplier for your brand then you have landed at the right place. Noah Packaging is the best packaging company in the USA that cares about your business needs. You should always choose a packaging manufacturer that sets your priorities as theirs and that's exactly what we do.

The different types of packaging materials that companies employ are cardboard, Kraft, rigid, or cardstock. 

Different packaging companies charge differently, but when you buy from Noah Packaging, the cost is not an issue. Our custom boxes are available at wholesale prices so that you can enjoy high-quality packaging without spending too much. 

A packaging company provides you with the best possible packaging for your products. The packaging is protective and robust at the same time. Such packaging grabs the attention of the potential buyer and lowers your shipping costs.

Packaging companies help you improve your branding and marketing strategy through striking packaging boxes. The unique custom packaging designs and themes tell your brand's story and attract buyers to buy from you. 

Tell them the accurate packaging needs of your products. Let them know about the graphics, cost range, and packaging materials you want for your product’s packaging. 

Minimalism packaging, interactive packaging, sustainable packaging, vintage packaging, interior packaging designs, etc are the latest trends in packaging design. You can get these packaging designs for your products at affordable prices with Noah Packaging.

Packaging companies are becoming more conscious of sustainable packaging. They know that consumers now demand eco-friendly packaging solutions that have no harmful effects on the environment. That is why they employ biodegradable and recyclable packaging materials that have no negative effects. You can totally rely on us if you are looking for sustainable packaging for your products.